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Stampsy – Leave Your Mark

Facebook won’t let you control your look, tumblr and Instagram aren’t robust enough, and Pinterest deleted your boards because you didn’t have anything wedding related. What’s a content creator to do? The answer is Stampsy. Stampsy is a new social media platform for content creators and curators. Its “stamps” are customizable tiles that you can […]

Meerkat: Redefining Twitter

Twitter is an amazing tool, but intentionally a limited one. And that’s a good thing. Its strict restraints have inspired countless creative attempts to make the most of the format. Recently, San Francisco-based startup Life on Air stepped up to the plate with their new app, Meerkat. Spoiler alert: they won. Meerkat is a live […]

Moji – For All The Emojis You Wish You Had But Don’t Exist

I think we’ve already established that  JESS3 loves emoji. The potential for visual language is incredible, but sometimes, it doesn’t necessarily have all the “words” we’re looking for. That’s where’ Moji comes in. Moji is an app in development meant to create custom emoji that are, as of writing, unavailable. With more images and categories than before (why […]

Stickered for Messenger

If you’re looking to add some free fun to your photos, look no further than Stickered for Messenger. This free new app allows you to place stickers over your photos. And did I mention “free”? Source: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2014/12/22/facebook-stickered-for-ios/ The app is simple. Choose a sticker, adjust its size and rotation with two fingers, and trash whatever […]

Surviving on One Link a Day

This (interj.): Hard-to-Google internet slang that serves as the highest form of agreement. Functions as its own complete sentence. Examples: ^This. #This. THISSSSSSS. See also: a new social network, still in private beta, created by Andrew Golis of Atlantic Media. It’s a simple concept, created as the cure to Stream Overload, that very specific kind […]