Meerkat: Redefining Twitter

Twitter is an amazing tool, but intentionally a limited one. And that’s a good thing. Its strict restraints have inspired countless creative attempts to make the most of the format. Recently, San Francisco-based startup Life on Air stepped up to the plate with their new app, Meerkat. Spoiler alert: they won.

Meerkat is a live video-streaming app for iOS. All you have to do is set a subject and begin the livestream. The app automatically pushes a custom link to Twitter for your followers to  join and watch. Plus, Meerkat can save your video for upload to YouTube or other sites later.

It’s incredibly simple, easy to use, and most importantly, redefines what you can do within the boundaries of Twitter. Allowing instant livestreaming creates a new level of connectivity and intimacy that has never been possible.

And yes, for all you penny pinchers out there, it is 100% free. There’s no sign up, and no new account needs to be made. Just link it to your twitter and you’re done.

Check it out now, and you’ll see how this relatively simple app redefines Twitter forever.


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