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The Real Life Social Network by Paul Adams

Google researcher says friend groups may give it a window to best Facebook Paul Adams, lead for User Research for Social at Google, shared a presentation a few days back that was picked up by Venture Beat among others. Google researchers found that people typically have between four and six friend groups and only between [...]


how bit.ly created a sense of trust by being useful

We recently switched over to jes3.com as our short domain for links. I noticed something, people are more likely to click a bit.ly or twit-pic link than any other link. My theory is that users have become accustomed to seeing bit.ly and twit-pic as number 1 priority information, and everything else as priority 2. Most [...]


Ikea Facebook tagging campaign

Ikea Malmö moved from their old boring building in the outskirts to a shiny new one near the Svågertorp train station. The new Ikea is much larger, recycles everything, and uses only green electricity to boot in order to become the first Ikea with the smallest carbon footprint. In order to attract people to Ikea, [...]


FourSquare Mayor deal strategy

Foursquare, Yelp, Google location sculptures and how it all reminds me of Kodak Moments at Disney World. I have started to realize the potential of individual store owners to leverage this platform. We are building an exciting system for Busboys and Poets, Eatonville and Luna Dinner (all locations) and it pulls in the tweets (they [...]


What is your {twitter} Mojo

Yahoo is offering a new service that shows your twitter personality. Kind of cool, reminds me of hubspots twitter grader. http://yahoo.knowyourmojo.com/ apparently im a “matchmaker” {screenshots via Chris Messina)