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by Alli Reed


Surviving on One Link a Day

This (interj.): Hard-to-Google internet slang that serves as the highest form of agreement. Functions as its own complete sentence.

See also: a new social network, still in private beta, created by Andrew Golis of Atlantic Media. It’s a simple concept, created as the cure to Stream Overload, that very specific kind of exhaustion you get from a Facebook feed dominated by 18 different thinkpieces about last night’s Girls episode. On This. (it’s spelled with the period), you’re only allowed to post one link a day. That kind of rationing makes you think long and hard about each new piece of content you consume: is this really¬†good enough to share?

The result is a highly curated, surprisingly weird feed of the most interesting corners of the internet. The site is still in its infancy, but it already seems like a viable vaccine for Chronic Stream Fatigue.

Try to get an invite and check it out here.


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