Coca Cola Gets Meta with Its Content Marketing

If ever there was a beverage to drink with the “snackable content” we create at JESS3, it would be the “liquid content” created by Coca Cola.

We raise a glass, err, bottle, to Coke for their efforts and philosophy in the area of content marketing. In fact, there are three things that they are doing that we are particularly interested in.

But first, you have to watch these in order to get what we are talking about:

Part I:

Part II:

3 Reasons Why We Love These Videos

1) Coca Cola uses visual storytelling to convey its message. Coke uses powerful and yet simple visuals to tell a larger story about how they’ve evolved to engage consumers through not just advertising, but actual content. Not enough brands do this; they are still struggling with their product not “starring” in every “commercial.” Coke isn’t afraid to let their strategy, not their product, be the star see #3).

2) Coca Cola uses the sketchnote + hand-as-omniscient-narrator + two color style. Evidenced by the YouTube channel these videos went up under, Coca Cola clearly tapped the talented folks at Cognitive Media who also used this style when doing the RSA Animate series (my favorite being the Dan Pink talk on what motivates us). The sketchnote style and two color palette work for Coca Cola’s brand.

3) Coca Cola has taken their POV on content marketing and turned it into… content. Talk about meta! This is something we do a lot of at JESS3 for our own brand (Geosocial Universe, State of the Internet, most of our SlideShare decks), with Brian Solis (Twitterverse, Conversation Prism, Brandsphere) and have won awards left and right for with our content marketing partner Eloqua. Hats off to Coke for taking what can otherwise be a scrappy and experimental field and showing that blue chip companies can do it, too.

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