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The Do’s & Don’ts of Making an Infographic

Utilizing infographics to tie visual design and data together is what we do best, and we’re gonna let you in on the secret to our success! Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of creating an awesome infographic! JESS3 Presents – The Dos & Donts of Making an Infographic from JESS3

Affinity Photo – The Free Photoshop Killer

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing program, but for newcomers, it can be daunting. For Mac users who are still eager to learn, a new professional design app has become available in Affinity Photo. The the best part? It’s FREE!! It’s still in Beta, but the incredibly user friendly software already has a plethora of tutorials available – not […]

How JESS3 Saves Christmas

How JESS3 Saved Christmas

Did you know that Christmas almost didn’t happen this year? It’s true! Grab some cookies and milk as we tell the tale from the North Pole of how JESS3 saved Christmas. How JESS3 Saved Christmas! from JESS3


Merry JESSMas!!!

It’s been a crazy year and guess what – it’s only gonna get crazier! So let’s take a very quick moment to take a breath and wish each & every one of you a very happy Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!!!

Toddler Naps with His Puppy

The internet loves a good puppy photo set. Beau and his mom Jessica Shyba adopted Theo who is part boxer, part shepherd, and part labrador retriever.  Source: mommasgonecity.com      

The Graphic Account: April 17, 2013

Talk about big data! This week we found a map of the Internet, an infographic of the loneliest islands on Earth, and a visualization of the distance to Mars in pixels. We think you’ll also get a kick out of a video game based on infographics and Persian rugs made from Google Maps images.