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The Pocketbook

Ever wished someone had given you a guidebook when you first became a graphic designer? Well, now there’s one you can pick up for the low price of a tweet. Graphic designer and illustrator Cristian Eres conceived The Pocketbook with the help of contributors Cranio Dsgn, a fellow graphic designer and vector illustrator, and Grace […]

9 Annoying Things Every Designer Does

Normally we’re here to sing the praises of good design and designers (or to tell you that dogs are cute). But having a good sense of humor about yourself is always important too, so today we’ve got something different: a list of embarrassing traits every designer shares, from the self-aware folks at Spiralytics. And oh, […]

A New Look for a New Children’s Hospital

The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, UK is updating its facilities next year. This year, they’re updating their branding with the help of agencies Peter and Paul, TADO and Rocket. The three key pieces of the new design were an updated color scheme, new bandage or “plaster” -shaped signage, and most important of all, an update […]

Prosthetic Paws for a Pup Who Needs Them

Here at JESS3, we love design for its own sake. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate good design for a good purpose. Like this design for prosthetic paws for a rescue pup named Brutus. Here, you watch the video and we’ll try to stop crying. Who’s a good boy? Also, who keeps cutting […]

Saving Energy in Style

Bad lighting can screw things up in a number of ways. It can ruin your carefully-staged romantic evening (you paid that Netflix bill for nothing), screw up your sleeping patterns, or just plain use too much power. Nanoleaf’s new lightbulbs are here to help. First up, there’s the Bloom. This little Dalek clone runs on […]

ZNAK – Tearable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a good way to get some design interest into a room. But what if you’re not a fan of any of the designs you’ve found? It might be time to try a customizable option like ZNAK. Crazy, right? By separating every part of the design into a tearaway section, ZNAK allows you to […]

1st Ever Latin American Design Festival

On February 12th, the very first Latin American Design Festival was held in Lima, Peru. Curated by IS Creative Studio, the event featured exhibits, panels, and workshops on design topics ranging from┬ábranding to typography. Creative professionals from Mexico to Argentina and beyond came together to celebrate the best of what Latin America has to offer […]