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Nisha Chittal on Why Ambition is Not a Dirty Word

When you watch a show like Mad Men, female ambition is carefully shrouded in corsets and pin curls. Five decades later, millennials like Nisha and me are not interested in shrouding or limiting our ambitions to paraprofessional roles. Our generation is not just interested in advancement or a seat at the table. Rather, we are interested in the “power seat” (to borrow a phrase from More Seats interviewee Cindy Gallop), at the head of the table.

Information Design: If Glenn Beck Can Do It, You Can Do It

On Wednesday night, I was invited to speak on one of the least talked about topics on the web right now: Infographics. And by least, I actually mean most. “If you take away just one thing from my talk tonight let it be this,” I said to a packed house on Ogilvy PR’s 10th floor, […]

Vote for JESS3’s SXSWi 2012 Panels!

It seems it was just yesterday we were lining up at the Austin Convention Center to hear some of our mentors, friends and colleagues speak at South by Southwest Interactive conference and yet, it’s already time to prepare for next’s year festivities.

predicting what 2011 holds on the Engage Show

(illustration via ft.com) After having the honor of sharing his predictions for the digital advertising world in 2011 on both Mashable and AdExchanger late last year, JESS3’s Founder and CEO Jesse Thomas rounded out his tour of precognition with a guest spot on The Engage Show with Patrick Ruffini today. Also making a debut on […]

JESS3 x The Economist

We designed a really awesome animation for The Economist on ‘Women’s Economic Opportunity’. Leslie and Becca from our team went to NYC for the showing of the animation and to participate in The World in 2011 event. Benn is the Woody Allen of the economic world. He’s hilarious, witty.

Sex, Love and the Double Standard

Is there a double standard when it comes to women in the workplace? in the technology industry? What about sexual relationships, is there a double standard there? Put more directly: do you or those around you view and / or treat women differently than you would men in a similar situation. It may sound like […]