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QR codes have been around for years, but with more people carrying smart phones than ever, they have seen a rise a huge rise in popularity in the US in recent months.


JESS3 in London, Summer 2011

I was in London this last week for client meetings. It was great to see the offices of Twitter, Google, Facebook, Intel, Tokyoplastic, Hill & Knowlton, Ogilvy, Moo.com, and Universal Music. It was also great to see all the amazing sights and sounds of London. Christian, Robin and Tiffany from our Bristol, UK office joined [...]


Paris Invader

If you look up while walking along the streets of Paris, just above the buildings’ large double doors and the city’s classic blue-and-white street signs, chances are you’ll eventually see a piece by French urban artist Invader. To celebrate his 1000th ceramic being placed in Paris, Invader just unveiled a massive exhibit at La Générale.


VW sticker beetle

Sticker culture collides with the VW beetle. A German company Car Film Components has added a new flair to the VW beetle by offering a $5,000 sticker trim upgrade. Stickers cover the fenders, trim and some inside components. If your looking to set your bug above the others, this might be your solution.


Color Me, Exhibition

Andy J. Miller and Andrew Neyer took a 24 foot wall and allowed viewers of the show to use large colored markers to fill in the drawings. Very fun and wish i could have been there. Be sure to check out the video.