State Tastes

Picture this – you’re traveling the US. Maybe your dream road trip, or maybe just a business trip. Either way, you’re somewhere you’ve never been before, and you’re hungry. But you’re also curious. You want some local flavor – literally. I mean, when in Rome, right? In Philadelphia, where do you get a cheesesteak? In [...]


The Selfie Arm

Check out this nice photo of a couple holding hands. Cute, right? Except that’s not really what’s going on at all… OH GOD WHAT IS IT? … is what you’re probably asking right now. Answer: it’s the Selfie Arm, designed by artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe. Through their work, Snee and Crowe focus on [...]



French photographer Dimitri Daniloff is rarely content to let reality have the final word, so a team-up with German CG Artist Sven Hauth was a natural fit. For subjects, they tapped Spain’s AsociaciĆ³n de tricking Vila Real, whose members combine parkour, dance, and gymnastics to achieve gravity-defying midair contortions. Between the trickers’ airborne antics, Daniloff’s [...]


Tesla Energy

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been following Elon Musk’s career, and the evolution of his company, Tesla, fully expecting that they would change the world one of these days. Not electric car change the world, either – we’re talking a top-to-bottom shakeup. Well, it’s happened, and it’s called the Powerwall. Check out the energy [...]


Emoji Among Us: The Documentary

How do emoji impact our daily lives? Dissolve, by day a stock footage service, decided to search for an answer that question. Check out the adorable results below! Source:


Amirocks: Music Journalism Meets Art

One of the awesome things about going to SXSW every year is meeting up with the friends you made last year, and the year before. The best is when they’re locals, immersed in the Austin scene. One of the people we’re luckiest to know in Austin is artist Ami Plasse. As Amirocks, his sketches of [...]


Apocalypse When?

Awesome infographic alert! You might have heard that we love infographics, and today we’re loving this one from the BBC. Although “loving” may be the wrong word when we’re talking about the apocalypse. Source:


San Francisco Street Art

An artist can find a lot to love about San Francisco. Combining the city life of New York with the awesome weather of Los Angeles, this city has it all. And on top of all the sights and sounds and colorful history, there’s the street art. The city is a treasure trove of artistic expression. [...]



Bizarrechitecture: because sometimes your basic four walls and a roof just isn’t enough. Today, we salute six of the strangest buildings ever built. Krzywy Domek (Sopot, Poland) Named the “Crooked Little House” by its architects, who wanted to have a little fairytale fun, this building actually houses a shopping center. Casa do Penedo (Fafe, Portugal) [...]