Merry JESSMas!!!

It’s been a crazy year and guess what – it’s only gonna get crazier! So let’s take a very quick moment to take a breath and wish each & every one of you a very happy Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!!!

Napping with Puppy

Toddler Naps with His Puppy

The internet loves a good puppy photo set. Beau and his mom Jessica Shyba adopted Theo who is part boxer, part shepherd, and part labrador retriever.  Source:      

Let Them Eat Peanuts

Let Them Eat Peanuts

“Is there anything more capitalist than a peanut with a top hat, cane, and monocle selling you other peanuts to eat?” ~ @skullmandible

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It Only Takes One Person To Start A Revolution- Steve Jobs

JOBS, the much anticipated movie biopic directed by Joshua Michael Stern, presents the story of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who became one of the most inspiring people, not to mention impressive entrepreneur, in the world…all from the humble beginnings of a garage office. Want to know if Ashton Kutcher plays the Steve Jobs role well? Steve Jobs movie? [...]

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Of Monsters and Men- “Little Talk” MV

Talk about wild imagination? This Music Video by Of Monsters and Men shows a very fantastical way of interpreting the song. Take a good look at the design of the journey of the five sky-sailors travelling through different fantasy worlds.


Geo-popularity Of Given Names

Is your name Olivia? you must live in the state of Washington. The name that parents give their child reveals their hopes, ambitions and possibly the traditions, that they’ve inherited from their ancestry. Little do they know that how popular these names can be. Do you know how popular the names Emma and Sophia are? [...]

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J.K. Rowling at Harvard

J.K. Rowling, author of the best-selling Harry Potter books,  gave a very inspiring commencement speech to the graduates of Harvard 2008. She talks about the benefits of failure and not to mention the importance of imagination. Why is she talking about failure? It’s simply because she believes that failure meant stripping away of the inessential. [...]


Photographer Takes Away Candy From Children

An artist named Jill Greenberg has created controversial portraits by giving lollipops to toddles and then taking them away. She wanted to capture the intense emotions that the kids usually portrays. People might say that she’s committing child abuse but she has made sure that the candy was returned after 30 seconds so it wouldn’t [...]


Drone Pizza Delivery

You might have not thought about what’s next for the fast food delivery evolutionary chain, well here it is The DomiCopter! It is designed to ferry Domino’s pizza to your front door. But unfortunately it’s only for promotional purposes for Domino’s UK . Having the octopoter is will be beneficial to everyone, but because of [...]