The Diwani Chair: A Scripted Seat

Furniture inspired by calligraphy doesn’t seem like the most exciting idea, but if this is the result, we can get into it. Check out Ahmed ElHusseiny’s gorgeous Diwani Chair. ElHusseiny, of AE Superlab, took his cue from the Arabic Diwani script to create the unusual rocking chair. Its flowing shape and dozens of wooden “ribs” [...]


Interactive Projections Will Blow Your Mind

We have just one thing to say: these interactive projections by artist Aakash Nihalani are bafflingly gorgeous and mesmerizing. They’re cool enough in a still image. But check out what happens in GIF form. The best part: the people in these GIFs aren’t following a pattern. The pattern is following them, meaning every interaction with [...]


Squarespace: Branding With Analog And Digital Assets

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for an impressive length of time, you’ve heard of Squarespace. They get rave reviews for their intuitive-yet-powerful website builder, blogging platform, and hosting service. Recently, Squarespace New York teamed up with Pawel Nolbert and Karol Kolodzinski to create a new twist on their logo. Using painted and digital [...]


Full Grown: Trees As You’ve Never Seen Them

You might look at this picture and think that a farm doesn’t seem like the right thing for a design blog to feature. Ordinarily, you’d be right, except that this farm belongs to UK-based company Full Grown, and it’s not for growing food, or lumber, or any other kind of raw materials. Guess what this [...]


Art for All

Artist Chad Kouri doesn’t believe that art should be restricted to museums and private collectors. His belief in the democracy of art inspired him to create Art for All – and he wants you to get involved. Kouri will create a unique custom image like the ones above if you text your first and last [...]


The Power of Logos

Michael Bierut of New York design firm Pentagram is an award-winning designer and industry leader. He sat down with Design Indaba to discuss logos, how they can sometimes falter and how they can transcend – important stuff for any designer to remember. Check out his insights in the video! Source:


Magnetika: Storage Solutions That Change With You

Home organization is a pain. As soon as you figure out an arrangement that works, something needs to be replaced, or a new element comes into the mix, and suddenly you’re back to square one. Or you give up and accept that your life will never be free of haphazard stuff stacks, not that I [...]


LEGO Accessories: Construction Couture

As children, we all knew that LEGO bricks could be used to make absolutely anything. But did we ever consider their potential in the fashion department? Etsy maker agabag did. Although they look as though they’re built like any other LEGO creation, the bags are made with a satin lining to which each brick is [...]


The Reinvention of Normal

Dominic Wilcox is an artist, designer, and inventor who’s constantly on the hunt for the extraordinary in the everyday – and if he can’t find it, he’ll just have to build it himself. In his beautifully filmed short about Wilcox, The Reinvention of Normal, filmmaker Liam Saint-Pierre reveals his subject’s art, his process, and his [...]