GBH on Game Changing Branding

There’s good design, and then there’s superstar design. London-based agency Gregory Bonner Hale, more often known as GBH, falls into the latter category. With names like Puma, Levi Strauss, and Virgin Galactic on their client roster, their designs are getting some serious attention. Recently, GBH founders Jason Gregory, Mark Bonner and Peter Hale sat down [...]


Cool Campaigns: Mladen Penev and Clemens Franke for Mevisto

Sometimes even when you see the behind-the-scenes wizardry involved in photo effects, it’s hard to believe. We definitely felt that way when we saw this incredible ad campaign created by artists Mladen Penev and Clemens Franke for Mevisto. How’d they do it? Fortunately, Penev and Franke were kind enough to document their process. Check out [...]


Designers & Code: How Much Should You Know?

It’s obvious from the job titles: designers are not programmers, and programmers aren’t here to design. But should designers be able to code? Matthew Hunt of Web Designer Depot offers his take on the issue and we have to admit, we’re fans of his thinking: You should learn the basics of coding so that you [...]


Generate New York: A Design Conference

This weekend, New World Stages on Manhattan’s West Side will host Generate, a conference for web designers. And tickets which are still available! How cool is it going to be? Well, it’s featuring not one, but two space men by the looks of this picture, so I’d say it’s pushing 11. But seriously, check out [...]


Soigné Small Plates with Chef Jacques La Merde

Never let it be said that JESS3 doesn’t love food. Sure, sometimes the food scene can get a little too pretentious. But that’s what happens with artists. Like Chef Jacques La Merde, one of our favorite new faces on Instagram. At first, his feed looks like any other molecular gastronomy experiment. But look closer. Is [...]


Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds

Multimedia projects are always some of our favorites here at JESS3. Here’s a spin that we haven’t seen before: a game and LP combo, with the game supporting the album! Hungarian producer iamyank creates electronic soundscapes, and for his album Lost Sounds, teamed up with POSSIBLE GAMES to create a gorgeous mobile adventure. Adventures of [...]


A New Look for a New Children’s Hospital

The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, UK is updating its facilities next year. This year, they’re updating their branding with the help of agencies Peter and Paul, TADO and Rocket. The three key pieces of the new design were an updated color scheme, new bandage or “plaster” -shaped signage, and most important of all, an update [...]


The Best Freelance Cities in the USA

It’s that time again! Today’s infographic has some interesting stats on freelancing, and definitely told us a few things we wouldn’t have guessed about the freelance life. Check it out! Does this infographic reflect your experiences as a freelancer? Source: 


The Creative Paper Drawings of Husk Mit Navn

Husk Mit Navn, a Copenhagen-based artist, got tired of drawing two dimensional figures on paper, but didn’t want to stop drawing altogether. So he took an unusual and hilarious step: he started making the paper itself part of his work. For more of his clever creations, check out his blog and tumblr below. Sources: [...]