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A Wonderful Night for a Braindance

PLES MOŽGANOV, or “Braindance”, is an experiment bridging the gap between science and art. 20 volunteers were put into a black box with no stimuli except for sound, and as their brainwaves were measured, they listened to an audio track they had never heard before. The experiment drew from how much the listener could concentrate, [...]


OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 are Coming, and They’re Bringing New Emoji

Everyone here at JESS3 loves emoji. We were excited to hear that the OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 releases will be making some amazing emoji improvements, and we want to tell you why you should be excited too. First, the biggest improvement – skin tone modifiers. Unicode opted to accurately portray the diverse assortment of [...]


The Do’s & Don’ts of Making an Infographic

Utilizing infographics to tie visual design and data together is what we do best, and we’re gonna let you in on the secret to our success! Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of creating an awesome infographic! JESS3 Presents – The Dos & Donts of Making an Infographic from JESS3

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Affinity Photo – The Free Photoshop Killer

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing program, but for newcomers, it can be daunting. For Mac users who are still eager to learn, a new professional design app has become available in Affinity Photo. The the best part? It’s FREE!! It’s still in Beta, but the incredibly user friendly software already has a plethora of tutorials available – not [...]


The Magic of Branding

Branding is more than crafting a product or cultivating idea. It’s about altering your perspective and seeing things from the consumer’s point of view. Branding can be very complex, but the brilliant David Brier has simplified it into a 2 minute video. Check it out! For more of David Brier’s work, visit his website at http://www.risingabovethenoise.com/  

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Canada’s Passport Will Take You to Another World

Back in 2013, the Canadian government announced some passport updates. Mostly, these were new security features – digitally embedded photos and electronic chips – as well as updated renewal terms and watermarks. And if your eyes glazed over reading that list, you walked right into their mild-mannered, hockey-playing, maple-flavored trap. What they didn’t mention is that hidden [...]

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Image Fest Friday – 2/6/15

Visual design is amazing, right? It’s why Jess3 focuses so much data visualization – because turning complex ideas into art is powerful. That’s why, every Friday, we’ll be celebrating awesome design from artists that inspire us, in the hopes that they’ll inspire you too. ————  This sign that appears to say only “RISK” contains an [...]

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Surviving on One Link a Day

This (interj.): Hard-to-Google internet slang that serves as the highest form of agreement. Functions as its own complete sentence. Examples: ^This. #This. THISSSSSSS. See also: a new social network, still in private beta, created by Andrew Golis of Atlantic Media. It’s a simple concept, created as the cure to Stream Overload, that very specific kind [...]

How JESS3 Saves Christmas

How JESS3 Saved Christmas

Did you know that Christmas almost didn’t happen this year? It’s true! Grab some cookies and milk as we tell the tale from the North Pole of how JESS3 saved Christmas. How JESS3 Saved Christmas! from JESS3