Stickers are Fun

The thing about running an advertising agency is you hardly ever do any advertising for yourself. But stickers and T-shirt’s are those precious things we allow ourselves time for.

You know when you are on vacation and you are at some cool cafe and they have a wall or stickers or the bathroom is covered in stickers? It’s times like that when you wish you had your own sticker.

Stickers are great for putting on your laptop, or your friends laptop, or your moms laptop? They are fun to give out in lieu of a corporate business card. We have been working with our friends at sticker robot for 10 or so years and its a match made in heaven. The thing about sticker printers for you to consider is, do they offer back printing? do they offer clear stock? do they offer die cutting? are you awesome? If they answer yes to all of those questions you have sticker robot. 

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