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by Taylor Crisdale


JESS3 Team Tracks

The latest tunes getting rotation from the JESS3 team. Stay creative & on task with these 5 laid back yet tasty tracks.

01 Guardian by Willow Beats
Monthly Listeners: 81,104
Most Listened Location: Sydney

02 Sun by Kenton Slash Demon
Monthly Listeners: 135,866
Most Listened Location: Melbourne

03 The Meaning of Love by Chrome Sparks
Monthly Listeners: 242,150
Most Listened Location: Los Angeles

04 Apolune by Jasper Ryom
Monthly Listeners: 21,082
Most Listened Location: Berlin

05 Clair De Lune by Flight Facilities (Remixed by Motez)
Monthly Listeners: 96,928
Most Listened Location: Sydney

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