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It’s Declared: Social Media Now a Major

In case you missed the news on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, Newberry College, a small, Evangelical Lutheran liberal-arts college in South Carolina, recently announced they will begin offering undergraduate degrees in Social Media as of fall 2013. The interdisciplinary program aims to capitalize on the strengths of Graphic Design, Communications, Business Administration, Psychology and Statistics. Four innovative courses, created specifically for the social media major are also included in the curriculum.

JESS3 Review: Myspace 2.0

I know its the social network we love to hate, but I like at least some if not all of the layout. It makes Facebook look so boring. It feels like tumblr + spotify + the old ghetto myspace crowd got older and more sophisticated.

HBD, TXT: The Text Message Turns 20

Today, December 3rd, 2012, marks the 20th anniversary of the very first text message, otherwise known as SMS (Short Message Service). To properly celebrate the milestone, JESS3 brings you 20 facts —each in 160 characters or less, naturally—you may not know about that simple service you use to say sup to your boo.

Setting the Stage to Work Inspired: Mindjet Murals

How do you inspire an entire workplace to collaborate better? As thought leaders in the field of office collaboration, Mindjet wanted to walk the talk and inspire their team, so they came to JESS3 to design and install custom murals on “great collaborations in history” for their new office in the heart of San Francisco. Having done our own mural in the original JESS3 HQ in the DC office, we were excited to tackle a new mural experience. More than anything, we enjoyed helping Mindjet create a physical representation of their new, collaborative outlook.

News Anchors During a Commercial Break and Other Classic Anchor Moments

Here at JESS3, there are a lot of us (including our founders) who have strong journalism ties. So we weren’t surprised to see anchors goofing around during a commercial break, I mean it’s just too tempting. It’s a rush to try and squeeze-in a makeup retouch, a bad IFB switch-out, or in this case, a dance routine all before you’re back on-air again.

Fashion and Tech, Married at Last

I’m five foot six… on a good day. That being said this new video by the one and only Diane von Fürstenberg for her Spring 2013 collection is probably the closest I’ll get to a catwalk besides, you know, winning a golden ticket, selling a kidney, or putting my family’s cat IBK (Itty-Bitty-Kitty) on a leash. No thanks, this will work fine thank you.

The Art of Soup, Limited Edition Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Cans

Partnering with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and in honor of the 50th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, Campbell’s Soup released 1.2 million limited-edition Andy Warhol inspired Campbell’s Tomato Soup cans to be sold exclusively at Target for .75 cents a pop. There are four different types of Warhol themed cans, making for a colorful collection.

Gangnam Style Proves – K-Pop is Lockin’ it

Despite his Matrix looking glasses, this guy is not your worst enemy. He is a man of the people… and of horses. He is a South Korean pop-star. This video “Gangam Style” by  Park Jaesang or Psy (short for Psycho) is just one dynamic display of the genre K-Pop. Upon first watching the video, I’d imagine […]

K-9 Geniuses: “Beer Me” Dog Leads the Pack

It’s a beautiful thing, the animal kingdom. Particularly the human and dog relationship. Humans simply want dogs to do human things. We’re like, “Hey, man’s very best friend, you need to know how to do this.” So, instincts kick-in and we teach them. Humans have taught dogs to play the piano, put on shoes, water ski, speak English, roll over, shake hands, make sandwiches… you get the idea. Point and case, the “beer me” dog from the YouTube video dog doing beer me.

Social Media: To Pay or Not to Pay?

They asked and yes, we have questions. To pay, or not to pay? This one question splits into about a thousand others. The answers might just depend on the success of the brow-raising, subscription-seeking, social platform app.net. No pressure.