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by Sarah Hill


News Anchors During a Commercial Break and Other Classic Anchor Moments

Here at JESS3, there are a lot of us (including our founders) who have strong journalism ties. So we weren’t surprised to see anchors goofing around during a commercial break, I mean it’s just too tempting. It’s a rush to try and squeeze-in a makeup retouch, a bad IFB switch-out, or in this case, a dance routine all before you’re back on-air again. According to this post on YouTube, this off-air show-within-the-show by WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange started out as a small thing to pass the time. Obviously it developed in to two minutes of greatness.

If that’s just not enough news for you, check out these classic news anchor moments (most are oldies… but goodies):

Can’t stop laughing:

Uh… did she just fall on camera? Hurry go to weather…

Fail compilation:

Bad brownies:

Sports struggle:

Fast forward to 1:25 for this priceless reaction…

And last but not least, if you didn’t catch this post from us in 2007┬áhere is the clip again.

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