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Canada’s Passport Will Take You to Another World

Back in 2013, the Canadian government announced some passport updates. Mostly, these were new security features – digitally embedded photos and electronic chips – as well as updated renewal terms and watermarks. And if your eyes glazed over reading that list, you walked right into their mild-mannered, hockey-playing, maple-flavored trap. What they didn’t mention is that hidden […]

Image Fest Friday – 2/6/15

Visual design is amazing, right? It’s why Jess3 focuses so much data visualization – because turning complex ideas into art is powerful. That’s why, every Friday, we’ll be celebrating awesome design from artists that inspire us, in the hopes that they’ll inspire you too. ————  This sign that appears to say only “RISK” contains an […]

Star Wars & Medieval Manuscripts: A Tasteful Juxtaposition

Star Wars fans and Medieval art historians rejoice! Thai artist Chawakarn Khongprasert managed to juxtapose the beloved Star Wars, and illuminated Medieval Maniscripts. Chawakarn has managed to bridge connections both as a visual storyteller and as a technical illustrator.

Paris vs New York: A Tally of Two Cities

I love this project by Vahram Muratyan. The book is a beautiful object too. Not to mention it’s a great reference for snackable content a la This vs That. As for the video it was directed and edited by Tony Miotto, the audio really does a great job of bringing it all to life.


QR codes have been around for years, but with more people carrying smart phones than ever, they have seen a rise a huge rise in popularity in the US in recent months.

JESS3 in London, Summer 2011

I was in London this last week for client meetings. It was great to see the offices of Twitter, Google, Facebook, Intel, Tokyoplastic, Hill & Knowlton, Ogilvy, Moo.com, and Universal Music. It was also great to see all the amazing sights and sounds of London. Christian, Robin and Tiffany from our Bristol, UK office joined […]

Paris Invader

If you look up while walking along the streets of Paris, just above the buildings’ large double doors and the city’s classic blue-and-white street signs, chances are you’ll eventually see a piece by French urban artist Invader. To celebrate his 1000th ceramic being placed in Paris, Invader just unveiled a massive exhibit at La Générale.