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The Creative Paper Drawings of Husk Mit Navn

Husk Mit Navn, a Copenhagen-based artist, got tired of drawing two dimensional figures on paper, but didn’t want to stop drawing altogether. So he took an unusual and hilarious step: he started making the paper itself part of his work. For more of his clever creations, check out his blog and tumblr below. Sources: http://www.huskmitnavn.dk/ […]

Rainworks: Secret Street Art in Seattle

Seattle is notorious for its endless rain. But one local artist is trying to add a silver lining: cheeky graffiti that can only be seen on a rainy day. The secret to artist Peregrine Church’s Rainorks project is a clear, superhydrophobic “paint”. Stenciled onto sidewalks and streets, it repels water, preventing the concrete from darkening […]

Vaulted Willow

With apologies to Leslie Knope, most public parks aren’t very exciting from a design point of view. Relaxing, sure. Great for kids, absolutely. But cutting edge design isn’t usually part of the puzzle. Clearly, Marc Fornes and THEVERYMANY™ didn’t get that memo. Check out what they created for the Edmonton Arts Council in one of […]

The Disturbing and Dazzling World of Alessandro Boezio

Surrealism is alive and well in Italy – at least in the studio of artist Allesandro Boezio. Boezio creates exquisite, anatomically perfect sculptures of human body parts, then marries them in the most grotesque and unexpected ways imaginable. The result is disorienting, disturbing, and completely amazing. Salvador Dalí would be proud.   Source http://boezioalessandro.com/  

1st Ever Latin American Design Festival

On February 12th, the very first Latin American Design Festival was held in Lima, Peru. Curated by IS Creative Studio, the event featured exhibits, panels, and workshops on design topics ranging from branding to typography. Creative professionals from Mexico to Argentina and beyond came together to celebrate the best of what Latin America has to offer […]

Feelers – Adding A New Dimension to Text

Designer Ari Weinkle calls his Feelers project “a typographic experiment based on the movement of animal appendages.” We call it amazing, unsettling, and strangely gorgeous. His gifs and stills of letters recreate the motion of the font and the creatures that inspired them. What do you think? Dazzling, disturbing, or a little bit of both? […]

Artist Spotlight – Van Orton Design

The JESS3 team loves artists. Their pioneering spirit, the narratives that are contained within their work, and the sheer beauty of what they do. This week, we’re paying special attention to Van Orton Design. This “twin duo” is based in Italy. Their incredible retro renderings of pop culture characters in rainbow hues would make Tron […]

Discover with Oreo

Check Oreo’s new amazing series of ads! Credits: Client: OREO, Mondelez International, Inc. Advertising: The Martin Agency Public Relations: Weber Shandwick Social: 360i Media Buying: MediaVest Client Credits: VP, Global Biscuit Category Jason Levine VP, Brand Strategy and Communications Jill Baskin Senior Director, OREO & Chips Ahoy! Janda Lukin OREO Global Brand Manager Flavio Ackel […]

The Amazing Paper Sculptures of Li Hongbo

Li Hongbo is a remarkable sculpture. Looking at her work, you’ll probably wonder how she accomplished such feats with only plaster. The answer: it’s not plaster. It’s paper. And no, I don’t mean paper mâché. I mean paper, stacked one layer on top of another, carved by hand! Thousands of sheets of paper were meticulously glued together and […]

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Horrifying Monsters

Artist Damon Hellandbrand has a frightening imagination, but we won’t hold that against him. In fact, we’re pretty into it. Hellandbrand took the modern zodiac signs we all know and twisted them into horrifying hellbeasts that are beyond awesome. He explains, “I have a fondness for anything fantasy related or anything that doesn’t exist in reality, and mythology certainly has […]