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VW sticker beetle

Sticker culture collides with the VW beetle. A German company Car Film Components has added a new flair to the VW beetle by offering a $5,000 sticker trim upgrade. Stickers cover the fenders, trim and some inside components. If your looking to set your bug above the others, this might be your solution.

Enrique’s Bizarre Taxidermic Creations

Now when you think of taxidermy, you think old dead dusty stuffed beavers, birds, and mighty bears. Enrique puts a spin on it and brings his creations to life with his amazing talent.

Color Me, Exhibition

Andy J. Miller and Andrew Neyer took a 24 foot wall and allowed viewers of the show to use large colored markers to fill in the drawings. Very fun and wish i could have been there. Be sure to check out the video.

Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Cans

James Jarvis just landed a major commercial job, adorning and designing new cans with his signature characters for Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary. Pretty cool, we’d loveto get our hands on some. Coca-Cola for life!

The Escape Machine

Voyages the SNCF hired the agency DDB Paris to create an interactive installment that would get people excited about the voyages. This box was placed through out different parts of Paris. A simple black box with a red button that transforms into a imaginative experience. Video Stills

FAILE’s bedtime stories

Barely a week after it was revealed that FAILE was part of the collective of artists who illegally descended into and painted an abandoned NYC Subway station as part of the The Underbelly Project, the duo opened its more traditional gallery show, Bedtime Stories, at Chelsea’s Perry Rubenstein. We tagged along with the mastermind behind […]