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by Alix McAlpine


JESS3 releases the State of Cloud Computing

It seems that wherever we turn these days we hear this word: “Cloud”. Working from the cloud, collaborating in the cloud, computing from the cloud – it sounds dreamy, but what does it all mean? Thankfully, JESS3 has the answer. As the third installment of our “State of” Series, we bring you “The State of Cloud Computing”, a three-minute animation which highlights the multitude of possibilities that cloud computing offers, from sharing videos and photos from anywhere in the world, to storing and organizing data for remote access.

Funded by salesforce.com, a company specializing in enterprise cloud computing, the video outlines the following key facts:

– in 2005, five investments were made to startups exploring the cloud
– in 2009, seventy investments were made to startups exploring the cloud

– Cloud revenue in 2010: $68.3 billion
– Predicted cloud revenue in 2014: $148.8 billion
– That same year, over 60% of all server workloads will be virtualized.

How are we using the cloud?
– 56% Webmail
– 10% Data Storage & Backups
– 34% Photos
– 29% Applications
– 7% Videos

– Over 443 Million Skype subscribers used 23.6 billion skype-to-skype minutes in the first quarter of 2009.
– Dropbox has 4 million users storing over 1 Petabyte (a million gigabytes).
– 35 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute.
– Wikipedia has over 10 million articles in 273 languages.
– Over 40% of email is done through a mobile device or online using Yahoo!, MSN, or GMail.
– Farmville adds 10 million users a month.
– 90 million tweets are sent daily.

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Written by Alix McAlpine | Director of Marketing, JESS3

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