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The Evolution of Radio Waves

We are proud to present the 5th installment in our “State of” series, The Evolution of Radio Waves. Working closely with Agilent Technologies, a leader in electronic and bio-analytics measurement instruments design and manufacturing, our team created a two-minute animation which walks the viewer through the history of radio wave technology. Even if you’ve never […]

the 2011 Beagle Short Tale awards

The Beagle Short Tale Awards, which recognize video as an important emerging marketing technology, were announced this morning and it with great delight that the JESS3 team has seen some of its favorite projects from the past year receive accolades. In 2010, we rolled out our ever-expanded “State of” series with the “State of the […]

Why We Made the State of Wikipedia

If you follow the JESS3 blog, you know that we love Wikipedia. We were fascinated by their open approach to fundraising; we donated because we care. So what do you get a site that literally has everything for its 10th birthday? How about video “Fireworks”? (to borrow a phrase from TechCrunch commenter Sarwat Jamaluddin). What […]

The State of Wikipedia

It is with great excitement that we present to you our newest installment in the “State of” series: The State of Wikipedia. This 3.5 minute video, narrated by none other than Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, launches alongside the 10-year anniversary of the web-based encyclopedia. Send an email to Becca Colbaugh, JESS3’s Vice President of Client […]

JESS3 releases the State of Cloud Computing

It seems that wherever we turn these days we hear this word: “Cloud”. Working from the cloud, collaborating in the cloud, computing from the cloud – it sounds dreamy, but what does it all mean? Thankfully, JESS3 has the answer. As the third installment of our “State of” Series, we bring you “The State of […]