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Alto’s Adventure: A Simple, Beautiful Game for iOS

Fantastic minimalist design isn’t limited to art and social media. It’s also a key feature in some of our favorite video games here at JESS3. Which is why we were blown away by Snowman‘s new game, Alto’s Adventure. Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding game with an endless 2.5-dimensional landscape for players to navigate. The simple gameplay […]

The Oru Series – Changing What You Know about Furniture

Named after the paper folding art of origami, The Oru Series is the brainchild of Dubai-based product designer Aljoud Lootah, whose furniture explores form and function with insane results. Crafted out of teak, copper, and felt, Lootah has created designs unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Check it out! The goal of the series was to create fun and […]

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Horrifying Monsters

Artist Damon Hellandbrand has a frightening imagination, but we won’t hold that against him. In fact, we’re pretty into it. Hellandbrand took the modern zodiac signs we all know and twisted them into horrifying hellbeasts that are beyond awesome. He explains, “I have a fondness for anything fantasy related or anything that doesn’t exist in reality, and mythology certainly has […]

Essential Design Tools Brought To You by Jxnblk

Being a designer is tough. It takes time, dedication, effort, and the right toolkit. Jxnblk is here to help with that last one. Jxnblk runs an incredible website that no designer should be without. Packed with gear including a CSS Toolkit, a Gradient shader, a contrast tester, Geomicons, and more, bookmarking this site will make your life as a […]

Canada’s Passport Will Take You to Another World

Back in 2013, the Canadian government announced some passport updates. Mostly, these were new security features – digitally embedded photos and electronic chips – as well as updated renewal terms and watermarks. And if your eyes glazed over reading that list, you walked right into their mild-mannered, hockey-playing, maple-flavored trap. What they didn’t mention is that hidden […]

Image Fest Friday – 2/6/15

Visual design is amazing, right? It’s why Jess3 focuses so much data visualization – because turning complex ideas into art is powerful. That’s why, every Friday, we’ll be celebrating awesome design from artists that inspire us, in the hopes that they’ll inspire you too. ————  This sign that appears to say only “RISK” contains an […]


Merry JESSMas!!!

It’s been a crazy year and guess what – it’s only gonna get crazier! So let’s take a very quick moment to take a breath and wish each & every one of you a very happy Christmas and a happy & healthy New Year!!!