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by Xiyao Yang


Saving Energy in Style

Bad lighting can screw things up in a number of ways. It can ruin your carefully-staged romantic evening (you paid that Netflix bill for nothing), screw up your sleeping patterns, or just plain use too much power. Nanoleaf’s new lightbulbs are here to help. First up, there’s the Bloom.

This little Dalek clone runs on 10 watts max and has the genius ability to dim without a dimmer. How is that possible? This video explains it, but basically, magic.

If you’re not sure you can handle that much excitement, there’s also the Gem. This one tops out at 8 watts and will really remind your lamps how committed you are to them. It isn’t quite forever, but 23 years still sounds pretty good to us.

So which is your favorite? Bloom or Gem?



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