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by Xiaotong Ding


What Would You Do For…A Fantastic Delite?

As attention spans dwindle and traditional advertising mediums become obsolete, marketer’s knack for putting creative advertising in our paths grows. Coca Cola caught our attention last year, with innovative, interactive and heart-warming campaigns like the Friendship Machine and the Hug Me Machine.¬†Australian-based Fantastic Delites, purveyors of popular crinkle-cut rice snacks, are the latest packaged food company to try their hand at buzz marketing. They are pushing consumer’s limits, with a campaign reminiscent of Klondike’s “What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?” In the heart of an Adelaide shopping center, they set up a machine that doesn’t take money, but definitely makes you pay. Here’s the answer to their question: “How Far Will You Go for a Fantastic Delite?”

Risk takers and adventurers braved great challenges to claim their free Delites. Highlights include embarrassing attempts at the robot, Delites worship, and a 5,000 button pushes.

The “How Far Will You Go?” campaign also includes an online campaign that encourages fans to play and share with their friends through social media.

So, now only one question remains: how far would you go for a Fantastic Delite?

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