Fuzzy Friday: Miles Marple

Every week on “Fuzzy Friday”, we debut a different JESS3 team member’s four-legged friend. This week, I (Chris Marple, Production Intern) have the pleasure of introducing you to: Miles Marple.

      • Name: Miles
      • Nicknames: Smiles, Miley, The Dark Prince
      • Current Location: I’m originally from San Marcos, Texas, but I’ve moved around the past couple of years to Dallas, then to Norman, Oklahoma. I’m currently staying in Dallas with my grandma, Rhonda.
      • Breed: Lab Mix
      • Favorite Past Times: Sleeping, eating, smiling, barking at male strangers, spooning, playing fetch, chewing on cow femurs, rough-housing, begging for food, going on runs, tummy rubs, running in circles in the backyard: basically, just being awesome. I used to love eating pillows and rugs (kicked that habit!).
      • How You Met Your Owner: I met my owner in 2009 when I was a little more than 8 weeks old. I had temporarily belonged to a friend of the owner who found me in a grocery store parking lot in San Marcos, Texas. Unable to take care of me, she asked my owner if he wanted to take on the responsibility. He said yes, and this magical bond was formed.
      • Biggest Pet Peeve: Whenever someone hides my bone. It gives me anxiety.

Here is a chronological documentation of my life, so far.

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