Fuzzy Friday: (Johnny) Cash Geary

Every week on “Fuzzy Friday”, we debut a different JESS3 team member’s four-legged friend.

This week, I (Anna Geary, Summer Intern) have the pleasure of introducing you to my best friend. Meet Cash Geary:

    • Name: Cash, Cash Money, Cashy-poo, Baby boy, Cashmere (His great-grandma said he felt like Cashmere the first time she met him…it stuck. Sorry, boy.)
    • Location: His favorite couch cushion – Edmond, Oklahoma.
    • Breed: Malti-poo, a Maltese/Poodle mix. AKA the best and cutest dog breed ever.
    • Favorite Past time: Sitting in Mom’s lap, no matter where Mom is sitting. The couch, the kitchen table, her desk chair: it doesn’t matter. He’s the definition of a lap dog. Cash also loves to chase squirrels in the backyard, even though most of them are bigger than he is.
    • How You Met Your Owner: We met five years ago after a long and hard online search for the perfect puppy for me and my sisters. There are three of us, and we begged my parents to let us get a “teacup dog.” I think we were subconsciously influenced by the trend of carrying tiny dogs in purses. We were persistent, even making and signing a contract promising our parents they’d never have to lift a finger to take care of him (sorry about every time you had to pick up his poop, Mom and Dad!). So, we spent hours researching the exact breed and size we wanted, and after about a month we found Cash on puppyfinder.com. We drove two hours to Locust Grove, Oklahoma to meet his breeders at OnCue. It was love at first sight! We gathered up our tiny little ball of fluff and held him the whole ride home. And he only peed on us once! It became clear pretty fast that I was really the only sister interested in keeping up the dirty details of puppyhood (small dogs = small bladders), so Cash and I formed an instant bond. I started “sneaking” him into my bed to sleep at night, and now I can’t sleep without him. That’s love.
    • Biggest Pet Peeve: Cash doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t love his high-pitched bark. Well, it’s really more of a yelp. He also doesn’t understand why he can’t bark at everything and everyone. And, he has a definite little-man complex, evidenced by his love for chasing only SUV’s and the German Shepard who lives down the street. Apparently, Cash never heard the saying, “Pick on someone your own size.” It really bothers him that not everyone enjoys holding him or petting him. Definition of diva.


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