Fuzzy Friday: Bailey Harper Jackson

Every week on “Fuzzy Friday”, we debut a different JESS3 team member’s four-legged friend.

This week, I (Brandi Jackson, Executive Assistant) have the pleasure of introducing you to my best friend. Meet Bailey Harper Jackson:

  • Name: Bailey Harper Jackson
  • Location: Currently residing with her “grandparents,” because she surpassed my apartment complex’s weight-requirement of 20 pounds. This happened at birth. The good news is that she is still in NW Oklahoma City.
  • Breed: Chocolate Lab/Australian Shepherd Mix
  • Favorite Past time: Eating, sleeping, sneaking onto her mom’s bed in the middle of the night. She enjoys chasing butterflies and running from anything that sounds like a vacuum.  It was ONE time.  The commercial made it look like vacuuming a heavy-shedding dog was normal —  I’m all about improvising.  She is also a big fan of running and jumping on everyone she meets, and enjoys eating Cheez-Its.  She also loves barking in her sleep at “very terrifying things.”
  • How You Met Your Owner: We met at the Oklahoma City Humane Society about 2.5 years ago when Bailey was 6 weeks old and was nothing but a brown, overly energetic fur ball who had no idea that she could run through walls.  I went to actually look at another dog, but picked up Bailey (her name was Harper at the time, given by her foster mom). Bailey licked my nose and proceeded to try and climb on top of my head.  I knew she was the perfect dog for me.  Our first car ride together consisted of Bailey pooping in her kennel and then rolling around in it. It was a lovely added bonus for our first bath-time together.  Let’s just say, once you’ve driven 30-minutes with a smelly dog who has just rolled around in her own poop… it’s love.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: The fact that not everyone wants to be jumped on and not every dog and person wants to play.  Bailey gets very offended when she is being ignored or is not being played with. She is not jealous, but she will use her 110 pounds so that you know she wants your attention.  She also hates cats.  She is terrified of flagpoles that don’t have flags, as well as large trashcans.  I have no explanation for that.


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