Taking The Bull By The Horns

This week was  the Oklahoma City (OKC) Summit for a good portion of the JESS3 team, and boy was it a lot of fun (and work)! One of the highlights was not planned and did not show up on any of the oft-fluctuating iterations of our agenda. A JESS3 strategist Kris Berinson (@KrisBerinson), while visiting here in the heartland, expressed her deep and long held desire to ride a mechanical bull.

We can only assume that Kris is a huge Urban Cowboy fan, and that this desire stemmed from untold number of viewings late at night as she softly whispered with conviction, “You can do it, Bud. I know you can.” It’s probably not true, but that’s what we can assume.

Music in the video by The Lighthouse and the Whaler

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