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by Jesse Thomas


live from the STS-133 NASA Tweetup

As I write this, @Astro_Ron (Ron Garan) just wrapped a briefing on stage about his experience in space and trip coming up in March 2011. To my right, there is Jason @Goldman, Twitter’s VP of Product. He just finished telling us about his educational background in astro physics and remarked of Twitter’s logo next to NASA’s “When we were incorporated, I could have never imagined seeing Twitter’s logo next to NASA’s here on stage.” Talk about a dream come true.

Like Saturn, the rings of awesome continue.

NASA tweeps like @BethBeck and Stephanie @schierholz are also here. Beth is our co-pilot here at JESS3 for both Mind Mapr and NASA Buzzroom, while Stephanie is not only the woman behind coordinating all of the #NASATweetup events but also our co-pilot on the NASA x Gowalla and NASA x foursquare partnerships. After hanging out with our founder Jesse at Epcot Center yesterday, foursquare founder Dennis Crowley (@dens) is also in the #NASAtweetup tent.

JESS3 team members on site include @BenSlavin (head of tech), @Becca_Colbaugh (executive producer), @NathanMaton (project manager), @APZuckerman (VP & general counsel), @JESS3 (the man who puts j-e-s-s in JESS3) and @LeslieBradshaw (that’s me!).

O’Reilly Radar’s Gov2.0 DC Correspondent Alex Howard pictured (@digiphile) in linen suit below and GovLoop’s Steve Ressler (@govloop) are among the Gov / Media Twitterati.

A few images that rocked our world…

Jesse picks up a coveted Gowalla x NASA moon rock item at the NASA Tweetup tent as a part of the ongoing “Treasure Hunt” (maps were also given away at the Tweetup).

… and then, there was the most official building representing NASA and the U.S. we’ve ever seen…

… and the official countdown clock to launch on the cusp of Cape Canaveral…

… and, finally, nothing was cooler than the future of robots brought to you by NASA and GM (we’ll blog our videos of this guy in action once we upload them).

Written by: Leslie Bradshaw | President & COO, JESS3

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