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Facebook’s Social Widgets Timeline [Infographic]

Facebook’s “Like” button recently celebrated its first birthday—noting that 10,000 sites are integrating with the social plugin daily. A week ago, the evolution of sharing widgets continued with the launch of the “Send” button.

Sundance with Gowalla

Fun to see how Gowalla did Sundance. I love the idea of giving away real merchandise for doing specific virtual/digital tasks. the photos are from Andy Ellwood’s facebook

live from the STS-133 NASA Tweetup

As I write this, @Astro_Ron (Ron Garan) just wrapped a briefing on stage about his experience in space and trip coming up in March 2011. To my right, there is Jason @Goldman, Twitter’s VP of Product. He just finished telling us about his educational background in astro physics and remarked of Twitter’s logo next to […]

NASA x Gowalla x JESS3 Partnership Buzz

A week ago today, we had the pleasure of announcing NASA and Gowalla’s partnership with “The Search for the Moon Rocks” – a nationwide hunt for NASA-themed Gowalla objects which JESS3 facilitated and designed a custom U.S. map for. Turns out other people were as excited about the project as we were. The media hits […]

NASA and Gowalla’s search for the Moon Rocks

NASA and location-based social networking service Gowalla have launched a new item together, the Moon Rock, which users can find in Museums, Libraries and other NASA-related points across the country. To help Gowalla users find the NASA Moon Rocks across the U.S., JESS3’s design team created a customized illustration of each location they can be […]

Gowalla in the Center of the Universe

According to Wikipedia, residents of the neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle, Washington, have been referring to it as “The Center of the Universe” for nearly four decades. There even stands a colorful sign post in the middle of an intersection which displays directions to the North Pole, Taiwan, and Rio de Janeiro. In honor of […]