designing a full ad-wrap on a tram for a Slovak radio station

Rádio Expres 107.6 is one of Slovakia’s most popular mainstream radio stations, specializing in contemporary pop music and youth entertainment. To reflect their ebullient content, their slogan is “We enjoy to make fun with you,” or in Slovak: “bavi nas bavit vas.”

To bring the slogan to life, JESS3 designed an illustration packed with everything that might come to mind when one thinks of a fun pop radio station – instruments, palm trees, turntables, microphones, and most importantly: people having a good time.

JESS3 Founder Jesse Thomas said of the project:
“It is a creative directors dream to see the teams work larger than life in the real world. The Radio Expres tram is an incredible project which allowed us to be as creative as we can be. (…)

In addition to appearing on trams in cities all across the country, the illustrations will also be used for point of sale displays and iPhone art for the radio station.

Written by Alix McAlpine | Director of Marketing, JESS3

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