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Hello iPhone 5!

The new iPhone just hit stores, and we’re taking a close look through the JESS3 telescope. Yes, telescope in the way that we’re looking from afar (from the end of the Apple store line) trying to size-up exactly what’s different about iPhone 5. Is it THAT much better?

How JESS3 Drove 200,000 Views to a Video

With the breadth, depth and trustworthiness to warrant billions of pageviews monthly, Wikipedia is a cause célèbre in the techy community. It began with fits and starts, but has since blossomed to become a place where anyone at any time can settle (almost) any bet. Tracing the meteoric rise of Wikipedia over its first 10 […]

Survey: how women really feel about Facebook

Not only is Facebook a great resource it can also be a stress for some. A recent survey by Eversave asked 400 women about their Facebook relationships. They found a surprising love/hate relationship between woman and their friends. Read the Mashable post here.

The 2011 Digital Advertising Landscape

Read our “6 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011” on Mashable. As we continue deeper into a recession, we will see more deal-based advertising. Groupon and LivingSocial were right to make those inroads early. Sites like Gilt Groupe and PLNDR are being really innovative with their sales strategy, and it’s paying off for them. Location-based […]

Mashable’s “5 Hot Design Trends for Aspiring Bloggers”

Our very own Leslie Bradshaw was quoted in last week’s Mashable post “5 Hot Design Trends for Aspiring Bloggers” by writer (and Ex-Blocker co-conspirator) Brenna Ehrlich. The blurb appears under the first trend sited, “More Complex Layouts”: Leslie Bradshaw, CEO and president of JESS3, cites [Jason Santa] Maria as a luminary in his field when […]

Mashable Rocks

Mashable has a playbook example of how to orchestrate a social media based contest. Great job Pete (Cashmore)!