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by Alix McAlpine


Mashable’s “5 Hot Design Trends for Aspiring Bloggers”

Our very own Leslie Bradshaw was quoted in last week’s Mashable post “5 Hot Design Trends for Aspiring Bloggers” by writer (and Ex-Blocker co-conspirator) Brenna Ehrlich.

The blurb appears under the first trend sited, “More Complex Layouts”:

Leslie Bradshaw, CEO and president of JESS3, cites [Jason Santa] Maria as a luminary in his field when it comes to magazine layouts. “[He uses] unique headers, layout and graphics to pair with the mood of the post,” Bradshaw says. “I would call this artisan blog design and not as much something that can be done in a Tumblr/Posterous/mass production sort of way.” Blogs that adhere to this style have specific beats that require them to have multiple columns, Bradshaw points out — they’re usually news sites, like Mashable.

To read more of the JESS3 team’s insights on the creative world, check out some of our decks on our Slideshare page.

Written by Alix McAlpine | Director of Marketing, JESS3

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