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Foursquare: No Longer About Where You Are, But What You’re Doing

I have always been fascinated by foursquare, and the most recent updates they rolled out are sweet! Last summer I wrote a rant about how I thought foursquare could improve, and the new event check-in is exactly what I asked for. I sat down with Eric Friedman (Director of Business Development at foursquare) in the foursquare NYC headquarters to discuss what foursquare is up to, and where it is going.

Facebook’s Social Widgets Timeline [Infographic]

Facebook’s “Like” button recently celebrated its first birthday—noting that 10,000 sites are integrating with the social plugin daily. A week ago, the evolution of sharing widgets continued with the launch of the “Send” button.

the Geosocial Universe v2

The great thing about launching early and often in the social web is that you get feedback as quickly as you can release something. Whether it is a Facebook comment, retweet or a blog post… at JESS3, we are all actively listening, engaging with and synthesizing it all. And so as the week draws to […]

the Geosocial Universe

At JESS3, we’ve been working through an infographic challenge: trying to accurately depict the size of the key players in the geo / social space. Tonight (technically, early this morning) we wrapped up what we are safely calling “v1” and launching it! As our founder Jesse has shared in his “Why Foursquare Sucks” rant and […]