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by Elliot Kort


Slow-Motion Video: Catnip for the Curious

I’m an inherently curious person. I also have an active imagination. The combination of the two leads to an inevitable series of questions that all start the same way: “What would happen if… ?” Whatever follows is seemingly irrelevant. It’s always a peculiar combination of things. But the thought is there and I wonder. What would happen?

That’s why TV shows like Mythbusters are so great. The cast takes those hypothetical scenarios and breaks them down, often in frame-by-frame slow motion. To those of us caught up in the minutiae of such things, it’s utterly captivating.

Which makes the premise of Dumt & Farligt all the more appealing. It’s the curiosity of Mythbusters minus the respect for safety and all good sense. Ever had a bad idea? These guys put those ideas into action and film the results.

What would happen if you put a tub of creme fraiche through a lawn mower? What would happen if you hacked through a bottle of Coke with a chainsaw? What would happen if you dumped a cloud of flour over a lit candle? If you’re curious like we are, you’ll click the video, watch, and see for yourself. And – this is the important part – you don’t have to worry about the cleanup. Enjoy!

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