Facebook likes

I think Facebook needs a better way of keeping track of users likes. Shouldn’t these be saved somewhere we can see them after they get pushed down the feed? Shouldnt we have a tab or something called “Likes”. Likes are similar to how I save links on delicious, it’s just that much easier when a site puts a like button on the page vs my delicious browser bookmarklet.

maybe I mean we need to be able to tag them and sort them like delicious links..

in this new section, it might have settings that allow you to unsubscribe to conversations you might not want to get updated with. I find that people are not commenting or liking threads on facebook for fear of getting bombarded with update alerts. The update feature is a great way to stay updated on threads, it just needs more robust settings to back it up.

When you answer a “question” on facebook, you are given the option to “Unfollow question”. So what im proposing would be when you “like” something or comment, you would be given the option to “Unfollow status” or whatever.


Jesse Stay says “You can do this on FriendFeed. I wish they would do the same for Facebook.”


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