Facebook Profiles Redesign Sneak Peek

This spring, Facebook will be launching a redesigned profile aimed at making things simpler, cleaner, and more relevant, while still giving you control over your own profile.

The new “About” tab features personal information in a structured way, which makes it easier to find this info on your friends’ profiles. The left column also keeps basic info (including contact info, which is not shown) in an easy to see, easy to find, consistent place on the profile.

The new Wall tab displays recent Wall posts as well as recent photos, posted items, updated status messages, and other new content. This makes your friends’ Walls more relevant and more integrated into their profiles.

The new tab structure makes it easy to switch between the different parts of a profile. Also, you’ll be able to feature your favorite applications by adding tabs to your profile.


This screenshot should better explain the way we see the new “Wall” tab telling a more complete story about your friends. The oldest story is Holly updating her status, and immediately following it is a Wall post from her friend in response to the status update. Above that is Holly’s reply to her friend, thus getting the complete Wall-to-Wall (assuming you are friends with both Holly and Eliza) without having to visit another page. You can see that Holly’s favorite applications are also integrated in, and that her win at Prolific immediately sparked her friend Pip to issue a challenge to another game.


Before starting to redesign the profile, one of the common complaints we heard was that profiles were becoming cluttered, and that finding useful information was difficult and slow.

While everyone should be free to add what they want to their profiles, we want to ensure a clean enough design so your friends will be able to find your phone number or your wall, without searching for too long.

quoted from facebook.com/FacebookPreviews

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