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by Jesse Thomas


The Future of Google Video is Bigger Than the TV

google video is a do-it-yourself TIVO. I watched all of the superbowl commercials on it tonight, minutes after they aired.. The potential in the future for this kind of technology is amazing. The next disaster or election or whatever will be televised for the world for free from google. They allow you to download the content and perhaps distribute it yourself. That’s huge! They become BBC, they become CNN.. With a generation of viewers getting ready to break out of television technology prison. Google pushes download to ipod also. One cool use for this is that Google will now host video for your website for free. Just link Google Video and all that bandwidth usage is handled and paid for by them.

and as just one of the things that google does it occurred to me how solid of a business google is, its not vulnerable to anything.. in fact they feed off of disasters.. They are prime to take advantage of the new news revolution.

perhaps in 2008 it will be google.com/election, and ppl wont go to CNN anymore?

google video is also turning into a PC-version of itunes video. Apple was genius to release the video ipod before google video took off. I think they will lose to google who has the appeal of amazon.com price model. Unlike apple who over charges for everything.. Google has the bandwidth to deliver to both mobile and highres PC downloads. Which is key, they can service payperview downloads. I predict that they will distribute movies “straight to google”. Just like they did with DVD’s, and vhs, and psp. google also lets you download video to sony’s psp. nice move.

it basically turns google video into free television. The revolution will be televised.

The initials of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) spells SATAN backwards.. Coincidence?

a great point was made by the NYTIMES

“So the conversation has to turn to why. Why do people want free TV? Is is because TV is too expensive? Yes. Is it because the current commercial structure is so emotionally unsatisfying that people will do anything to skip commercials? Yes. Is it that programming mostly sucks and individuals who can take control of their viewing experiences will take control? Yes. In fact, is there any possible reason that someone who could change the way they consume television wouldn’t change it? No.

So, the problem really isn’t the technology. The problem is that the TV industry has been enjoying a technological monopoly for so long that it has forgotten how to serve its customers. How quickly will the industry learn that the past decades of research never, ever asked the most important question: If you could watch this show at your convenience, on any device, anywhere you are at anytime, would you still watch the show?

This particular media advancement is the true definition of Advanced Media. The solution for the television industry is explosively complicated in practice, but in principle it’s easy: improve the customer experience and clarify the consumer value proposition to keep your customers.

Anyone who has ever created a promo for television will tell you that people don’t watch networks, they watch shows. For the past 50 years or so a good promo contained three things. The show title, time and channel location. In a virtual world where time and location cease to exist, the show title simply might not be enough. And, with a generation of viewers getting ready to break out of television technology prison, the industry needs to understand that the desire for freedom is not a myth!”

googles stock price is at 381$ (2/6/06)

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