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Hello iPhone 5!

The new iPhone just hit stores, and we’re taking a close look through the JESS3 telescope. Yes, telescope in the way that we’re looking from afar (from the end of the Apple store line) trying to size-up exactly what’s different about iPhone 5. Is it THAT much better?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your LinkedIn Passwords

  Hopefully you’ve heard already, but a large number of unencrypted passwords were lost at LinkedIn. The guys over at FictiveKin did us all a great service by building Leakedin.org – a tool that lets you type in a password to see if it was among those that were compromised. If you haven’t already, change your password, […]

A Look Inside MobileUXCamp DC

This Saturday, JESS3 helped sponsor MobileUXCamp in Washington, DC. The full-day event brought together members of the mobile community (both professionals and enthusiasts) to discuss the here-and-now of mobile technology and their projections for the future.

A Call For The New Civic Participation Model

Last week ScienceDaily posted an article warning about the decline in active participation in voluntary organizations, with the largest declines in participation occurring “for fraternal, recreational, and ‘other’ memberships, although declines are seen for all other categories of membership as well.”