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Why We Made the State of Wikipedia

If you follow the JESS3 blog, you know that we love Wikipedia. We were fascinated by their open approach to fundraising; we donated because we care. So what do you get a site that literally has everything for its 10th birthday? How about video “Fireworks”? (to borrow a phrase from TechCrunch commenter Sarwat Jamaluddin). What […]

The Recipe for How Innovation Takes Place

Nearly 12 years ago in July 1999, ABC Nightline brought a “redesign the shopping cart” challenge to famed (and JESS3-beloved) product innovation shop IDEO. They also gave them just 5 days to do it in. After having posted about some of the ingredients to success at JESS3 (see: You Are Only As Good As Your […]

Why Wikipedia is like the Care Bear Stare (And Why I Donated)

Nearly a month ago, our own Nathan Maton wrote about Wikipedia’s A/B testing in their fundraising drive. Today, thanks to the umpteenth view of Jimmy Wales asking me to donate with his forlorn glance, a little down time waiting for the night to end / day to begin, talking a lot about Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary […]

The Digital Story of the Nativity

If you aren’t one of the growing 7MM+ people who have seen this, take a minute and check it out. Pretty brilliant. No detail spared. And don’t forget to avoid the Romans! via breakfast in Boston with Flybridge’s Kate Castle Written by: Leslie Bradshaw | President & COO, JESS3

a Case for Content by Eloqua and JESS3

Just last week, we worked Samsung to make a case for why social websites are good for business. Well, we are here to make a case for content. Literally. A Case for Content by Eloqua and JESS3 View more presentations from JESS3. Working with Eloqua‘s triumvirate Joe Chernov (head of content / communications), Brian Kardon […]

Fourteen Actors Acting

We love this idea, but would have loved it more if the New York Times made the videos embeddable. So we just took this screenshot and encourage you to go to this link and view them when you get the chance. Slideshow here and behind the scenes here. What do we love about it? Together […]

Data Visualization for the Public Sector

Data Visualization for the Public Sector View more presentations from JESS3. Based on the talk I delivered at Pew’s Voting Information Technology Summit, a quick diagnostic to give yourself if you are in the public sector (or any sector for that matter) as you head into 2011: 1. ‘Users make credibility-based decisions based on how […]

Sex, Love and the Double Standard

Is there a double standard when it comes to women in the workplace? in the technology industry? What about sexual relationships, is there a double standard there? Put more directly: do you or those around you view and / or treat women differently than you would men in a similar situation. It may sound like […]

48,949 I Voted foursquare badges earned as of 11 pm EST

So how are the foursquare check-ins breaking down? Studying the http://elections.foursquare.com/ site (powered by foursquare, designed by JESS3), we are seeing it as a little more dispersed than you might have guessed. Specifically: 48,949 total check-ins23,256 different venues58% male42% female The big guns…1. California: 7,074 check-ins2. New York: 5,941 check-ins3. Pennsylvania: 2,377 check-ins4. Florida: 2,374 […]

I Voted

The JESS3 team has made no secret about its interest in and passion for geosocial. And, with our roots in DC, civic participation through voting is close to our hearts. We also pride ourselves in helping C-SPAN leverage social media in their coverage during the 2008 Elections, where we designed and developed the Convention Hubs […]