a Case for Content by Eloqua and JESS3

Just last week, we worked Samsung to make a case for why social websites are good for business.

Well, we are here to make a case for content. Literally.

A Case for Content by Eloqua and JESS3

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Working with Eloqua‘s triumvirate Joe Chernov (head of content / communications), Brian Kardon (CMO) and Alex Fisher (head of web marketing / analytics), we demonstrated the value of investing in content creation in our case study, shared visually above and verbally below.

Topline Learnings:

  1. Marshal your supporters. Employee trainings, playbook, guidelines.
  2. Widen your audience. Go beyond trade pubs and beat reporters, look for adjacent and still relevant groups.
  3. Create a cross-platform narrative. Don’t stop at Twitter and Facebook. Look to blogging, social documents and video.
  4. Make distribution part of the story. Include those you hope to spread the word from the beginning.
  5. Extend the shelf-life of the content. Stagger distribution, just like we did with holding onto this piece of content.
  6. ADVANCED: If wonky, lean into it. We took the “School House Rock” approach with The Future of Revenue. It worked.
  7. Circle back and remember your base. Create educational materials that empower, advance, inspire. We developed the Grande Guide with Eloqua. It also worked.

Topline Results:
Word of mouth:

  • 12,000 visitors to Eloqua’s brand new blog
  • 2,600+ tweets
  • 30,000+ views/downloads
  • 50 blog posts, many from the AdAge Power 150
  • Applause from influencers including Scott Monty, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Jeremiah Owyang, Jennifer Aaker, Valeria Maltoni, David Armano and Sarah Evans


  • 43% increase in traffic to the corporate website
  • 21% increase in demo views, and it’s VIP to note that demo viewers is our #1 leading purchase indicator
  • 12% increase in page views on Eloqua.com
  • 14% decrease in “bounces” from Eloqua.com
  • Industry-wide recognition / awards (e.g., the WOMMY, awarded by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association; proud members, we are)

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