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Interviewing the Visualizer: The Empire Strikes Back

Have you seen Wayne Dorrington’s work visualizing the plots of the first two Star Wars movies? If not, you’re missing out. Wayne is a creative designer and illustrator in London who — judging by the self-description atop his blog –¬†looks like the love-child of¬†Christina Hendricks and Paul Bunyan. I caught up with Wayne recently and [...]

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“Sparklines” defined by the inimitableEdward Tufte as word-sized graphics easily embedded into text with no needs for captions or boxes. This has now been extended to the visualisation of data within a tweet, I give you – “sparktweets”.


Causing an Uproar with National Geographic

As far as we can remember, cats on the internet have always been popular may it be their cheezburger cravings, fruitless efforts at fitting into small boxes, or mastering musical instruments, the possibilities for entertainment on behalf of our feline friends seem endless. But what about big cats? Overshadowed online by their domestic counterparts, several [...]