Causing an Uproar with National Geographic

As far as we can remember, cats on the internet have always been popular may it be their cheezburger cravings, fruitless efforts at fitting into small boxes, or mastering musical instruments, the possibilities for entertainment on behalf of our feline friends seem endless. But what about big cats? Overshadowed online by their domestic counterparts, several species worldwide have declined and now face near-extinction.

Hopefully, this will soon change. National Geographic is kicking off a online social media campaign to raise awareness about these species, named “Cause An Uproar.” To bring it to life, JESS3 provided several designs and illustrations as well as front end development for the educational, interactive site which showcases the marvelous majestic meow-meows. The site offers users the option to donate money towards field research, buy cool gear in the online store, spread the word to their friends about the plight of big cats, and become better educated on the issue at hand through facts and videos.

Written by Alix McAlpine | Director of Marketing, JESS3

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