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Marissa and Burning Love: Two Smart Moves by Yahoo!

Yahoo!’s announcement about Marissa Mayer, former Google executive, being the new sheriff in town is one of several smart moves by the company to help really step up its game from the top, all the way down to its content strategy. JESS3 LOVES this new series: “Burning Love”.

Call Me Hope

Now in its fifth year, San Francisco-based non-profit Mama Hope continues to connect people in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda with life-altering resources. With its unconventional connected development approach, Mama Hope tackles the challenges of poverty and need from the ground up. It operates with three core phrases: listen, connect and enable.

The Like – “Wishing He Was Dead”

LA-based alternative rock quarter The Like shocked fans when they announced plans to go on an indefinite hiatus last July. The girls,¬†Elizabeth “Z” Berg, Tennessee Thomas, Laena Geronimo and Annie Monroe seemed to have just hit their stride, with a signature 60’s girlpop style reminiscent of The Shangri-Las. Regardless, this single from their last album is sure to be a cult classic.

Taking The Bull By The Horns

This week was ¬†the Oklahoma City (OKC) Summit for a good portion of the JESS3 team, and boy was it a lot of fun (and work)! One of the highlights was not planned and did not show up on any of the oft-fluctuating iterations of our agenda. A JESS3 strategist Kris Berinson (@KrisBerinson), while visiting […]