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TV Ratings (and Papercut & Puppets) 101

There’s just something about the air in Los Angeles. I mean, besides the smog. When I flew out there this summer to meet with the team assembled by JESS3′s Creative Director Mark Kulakoff, I was so impressed with the cast of characters. We were all prepared for the long day of work we knew was ahead of us. And while it could have been a nightmare, the day was smooth sailing. Everyone was incredibly flexible — our set designer even helped behind the puppet desk at one point. There  was surprisingly little ego across the board; instead, I was taken aback by a team-oriented attitude dedicated to producing five minutes of magic.


The Office vs. The Ministry

It’s one of the universe’s most debated questions. No, it has nothing to do with politics, religion, or 2Pac vs. Biggie. It’s whether or not the British version of “The Office” bests the American version.


Day and Night Over DC

Starting with a sunrise over the Capitol building, Andrew Geraci’s time-lapse video traces a day before some of the most iconic sites in the District of Columbia, international headquarters of JESS3.


Moleskine Perspectives

Virgilio Villoresi and Neue Big have created a fun in-camera video that highlights new Moleskine products. The use of depth and small props gives this video a charming style.

Jersey Short logo

Best New Reality Show: Jersey Short

I haven’t seen much of Martin Short since his epic 2006 film, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, but his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the Jersey Short The Situation other night was priceless.