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Dead End Thrills – Beauty in Video Games

One of the best things about photography is the fact that it marries creation with the discovery of the unseen art in what already exists. So it should be no surprise that one artist has turned to video game “photography” to discover art in the digital world. Dead End Thrills is the project of Duncan […]

Artist Spotlight – Van Orton Design

The JESS3 team loves artists. Their pioneering spirit, the narratives that are contained within their work, and the sheer beauty of what they do. This week, we’re paying special attention to Van Orton Design. This “twin duo” is based in Italy. Their incredible retro renderings of pop culture characters in rainbow hues would make Tron […]

Alto’s Adventure: A Simple, Beautiful Game for iOS

Fantastic minimalist design isn’t limited to art and social media. It’s also a key feature in some of our favorite video games here at JESS3. Which is why we were blown away by Snowman‘s new game, Alto’s Adventure. Alto’s Adventure is a snowboarding game with an endless 2.5-dimensional landscape for players to navigate. The simple gameplay […]