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The 2011 Digital Advertising Landscape

Read our “6 Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011” on Mashable. As we continue deeper into a recession, we will see more deal-based advertising. Groupon and LivingSocial were right to make those inroads early. Sites like Gilt Groupe and PLNDR are being really innovative with their sales strategy, and it’s paying off for them. Location-based […]

live from the STS-133 NASA Tweetup

As I write this, @Astro_Ron (Ron Garan) just wrapped a briefing on stage about his experience in space and trip coming up in March 2011. To my right, there is Jason @Goldman, Twitter’s VP of Product. He just finished telling us about his educational background in astro physics and remarked of Twitter’s logo next to […]

TGYFF- Thank God You Follow Friday, Week 2

In no particular order, 36 of our favorite twitter followers and friends from this past week. Thank you for the support, JESS3 hearts you! @cooltwitdawg, @InasocialWorld, @adamsegal, @nextjencomms, @nicolevins, @machetebetty, @ekaterina, @paulainsp, @rhetorian, @r_Zed, @socialmediadc, @jinfinite8, @stefanomaggi, @cheo3011, @donetodeath, @BEN_ALTER, @kaykas, @rodmanalbe, @sedaozmen, @rglogan, @evNN, @ctoverdrive, @sculldizzle, @rockerdesign, @chrisyoko, @jonakwue, @tlittleton, @rmb1000, @calenna, @iestynx, @gareth_stwnsh, […]

how bit.ly created a sense of trust by being useful

We recently switched over to jes3.com as our short domain for links. I noticed something, people are more likely to click a bit.ly or twit-pic link than any other link. My theory is that users have become accustomed to seeing bit.ly and twit-pic as number 1 priority information, and everything else as priority 2. Most […]


Last year, Kutcher raced CNN to a million Twitter followers (Kutcher won).


According to Mashable, a team of Belgian researchers have integrated Twitter into a plastic Fisher Price-like toy, which allows toddlers to tweet till their little hearts are content. Dubbed ‘Twoddler,’ the invention sends predetermined text to a Twitter account based on how the toddler plays with the toy. For example, if little Billy continuously touches […]