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Young Money, Meet Old Money

If you didn’t catch what Gizmodo is calling “the most magical moment in Twitter history,” stop what you’re doing and make sure you follow good ol’ T. Boone to see what he might tweet next. (Image courtesy of Gizmodo.) As a fellow Oklahoman, and an alumna to Oklahoma State University, where energy tycoon Pickens also […]

Jay-Z and Kayne Mini-doc Generates Buzz for “Watch the Throne” Tour

Buzz and increased anticipation surrounding “Watch the Throne,” the collaborative album between Jay-Z and Kayne West, exploded again yesterday with the release of the mini-doc “Watch the Throne.” The 10-minute short follows the duo behind the scenes to learn and watch the creative journey of “Watch the Throne.” In traditional music doc fashion, it is fast paced and choppy—but it works.

Google+ 1.0

If for no other reason, the excitement around Google+ is warranted because it demonstrates Google’s commitment to doing social right. After experiments-gone-awry by the names of Wave, Buzz and Orkut, Google is back in the game with a product — or “project” as the company prefers to call it — that is hot.

Osama is Dead: Social Media Responds

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere (har, har), you know by now that the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, is dead. As President Obama addressed the nation last night, thousands took to social media to share in this historic moment.

Best of #RoyalWedding

Forget Barbara Walters and Matt Lauer’s riveting commentary—JESS3 wanted to know what the Biebs and Snoop Dogg had to say about this morning’s royal nuptials.

the Twitterverse v1.0

Think you know everything there is to know about the wonderful world of Twitter apps? Since its debut in 2006, Twitter has grown to be an invaluable tool both professionally and socially for its millions of users. In Spring of 2009, we partnered with Brian Solis to create a graphic which mapped out the dozens […]