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Making our stop motion animation Gmail spot

It was with great pleasure that we announced the release of our stop motion animation video for Gmail yesterday, filmed earlier this year with the help of our incredibly talented production team in Los Angeles. We were so awed by the beautiful work and detail that went into every minute aspect of the video – […]

our Gmail stop motion commercial

Proud to announce the launch of another awesome project with Google today. The video was done entirely in stop motion animation and papercraft (making of down below). We worked closely with the Gmail team to depict the web-based browser coming to life, walking across the table and jumping into the iPhone, where it is an […]

The Ostrich

A short film by Lucas Zanotto of Filmtecknarna. Premiered at Pictoplasma 2010.A short film, done with a marionette built out of paper.

Light Warfare

Check out this awesome project, Jon Salmon, lightDavid Welch, light/headshotted dudeAlex Reeves, light/goonNiko Pueringer, weapons artistSam Gorski, weapons artist/particlesJimmy Wong, heroHeldine Aguiluz, goonMike Arnold, goon Total of about 13 hours of shooting over the course of two days. TWITTER: http://twitter.com/fwong

The Making of BT’s Bigger Picture Ads

and the actual commercials, via infoesthetics, “In an attempt to visually “brand” the way of delivering information, creative collective The Glue Society created a set of elaborate fluorescent tube installations to display several animated data charts for the BT Bigger Picture [bt.com.au] campaign.”

Bacardi by Pes

— Directed by PES. Commercials for Bacardi Rum. Advertising Agency: David&Goliath, Los Angeles.