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GreetBeatz – on demand custom raps (jingles)

I found an interesting marketplace for custom “raps” called Greetbeatz. I see this as an opportunity to perhaps write a viral rap, or a jingle for a client perhaps. They have a very social media heavy site, it uses the facebook and twitter apis to select the friend the track is about. Quite well done. […]

The Twittering hotel manager

from Robert Scobles new building43.com Kelly Nelson, director of marketing at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto, CA, is the first in the 82-hotel chain to get permission to Twitter officially on behalf of the chain. She gives tons of tips about how to tweet on behalf of a business and get new business […]

The Twitter Book

O’Reilly is doing a book on twitter. Great minds think alike because we at JESS3 are working on a visual guide to social media that touches on this stuff.

the Tony Hawk Twitter Hunts

http://twitter.com/tonyhawk Email interview below too:How many boards did you give away?Approximately 60 boards, it was all I had on hand when I decided to try this. Tell me about the hunt.I hid a skateboard a couple weeks ago around my area (while on the way to skate) and “Tweeted” it’s location just to see how […]

Skittles.com > Modernista > Zeus Jones

Agency.com has built a new site for Skittles that is pretty much a carbon copy of Modernista!’s much-lauded “un-site,” which of course some claim is a rip-off of an earlier Zeus Jones site. – adfreak check out the hating going on the modernista navigation is so much cooler than the skittles one, the best feature […]