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Social Media: To Pay or Not to Pay?

They asked and yes, we have questions. To pay, or not to pay? This one question splits into about a thousand others. The answers might just depend on the success of the brow-raising, subscription-seeking, social platform app.net. No pressure.

Intern Introductions: Joel Vander Linde

Summertime spells sleeping in and indulging in home-cooked meals once again for some college students or recent grads. But, there are the select few who chose to spend their summer months immersed in the workplace, aka: the real world. The JESS3 team is stoked to have five talented interns onboard this summer to contribute their skills, time and talent to our work! This week, we’ll introduce you one by one to this bright-eyed and hungry bunch, starting with the multi-talented Joel Vander Linde.