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A Frank Discussion About Emoji Diversity

Are emojis awesome? Yes, for so many reasons. But awesome doesn’t mean perfect. Here, some of the world’s foremost emoji experts explore the recent strides emojis have made, and discuss how far they still have to go. Source: http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7022474/the-new-emojis-have-a-meeting?ref=videos

Poo Emoji Shirt – The Greatest Shirt You Never Knew You Needed

Check out this shirt from Betabrand. Business casual, right? Until you get a closer look, and see how awesome it really is. That’s right! The poop emoji is making its mark in the fashion world.¬†Inspired by Betabrand’s successful¬†Poo Emoji Shoes, this shirt lets people know that when it comes to fashion, you really give a […]